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Division Leadership Team

Lieutenant Governor  Matthew Ayabe

Executive Assistant   Ivy Valine

Executive Assistant  Jessica Wang

Executive Assistant   Maahika Samudrala

Division News Editor  Valerie Cheng

Division Technology Editor  Valerie Cheng

Expansion Coordinator  Chloe Kessinger

Service Projects Coordinator  Abigail Choi

Service Projects Coordinator  Hannah Yang 

Fundraising Coordinator  Chaeie Kim

Spirit Coordinator  Grishmita Puttha


Division, District, International



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Instagram | @cnh_keyclub

Twitter | @CNHKeyClub

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Tumblr | CNH Key Club

District Newsletter | CNH Issu

Youtube | CNH Key Club 



Twitter | @keyclub

Instagram | @keyclubint

Key Club International |

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Region Advisor Victor Chan

Region Advisor  Kent Screechfield

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